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Mobile Phone Food Photography - App Review - Perfect PhotoPerfect Photo is a really easy to use app that helps to correct colour of a photo taken in poor lighting conditions. Open your picture in PerfectPhoto, then select the palate and brush icon from the top for the Tool menu.

Mobile Phone Food Photography - App Review - Perfect Photo

From the tools menu, select the levels option. Adjusting the levels of an image is a way to fine tune the tonal range of an image – as a rule of thumb you need to push the end sliders in to improve the exposure. When you are happy with how the image looks, select the apply button.


Mobile Phone Food Photography - App Review - Perfect Photo

Next select Color Balance in the Tools menu. If your image looks too yellow, move the blue slider to the right to increase the amount of blue in your image. Sometime shots taken in commercial kitchens can look a bit green – try sliding the green slider to the left to reduce the amount of green in your image. when you are happy, select apply.


Mobile Phone Food Photography - App Review - Perfect Photo

Select Color Temperature from the menu – this is similar to the Color Balance. Lets skip the theory lesson here and keep things simple – if your image is too yellow, move the slider to the left hand side.


And that should just about do it!  Please feel free to leave any questions or comments on this post below.







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This sounds like a great app – perfect for real life pie charts! ;)

Thank you for sharing this information since enhancing photos is important. Now I know what to do in using this mobile app to upgrade my photos.

Hello David,

I tried looking for this app at Google play store, i could not find it. Is it compatible with Android phones??

Thank you


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