Colour Correction

Chefs! Would you like to sort out the colour of your picture taken in the kitchen? All you need to do is open you picture in an app like PerfectPhoto, and have a tinker with the colour balance setting. If your image starts off looking too yellow, move the blue slider to the right. If your picture starts off looking green, use the green and red sliders. PerfectPhoto also has an option to adjust the Colour Temperature - this is worth having a play with too. I will post a tutorial on this app soon, as it is brilliant.

2 Responses to "Colour Correction"

Hello David,

I like your blog very much, as a culinairy editor I take food pictures all the time. I have been doing experiments you show but not with the effect I hoped.
I would like to have Perfect Photo, but is it available foor Android phones like I have?

Best wishes,

Is PerfectPhoto actually PerfectPhotoCamera in the iTunes Apps? Many thanks! I love the iPhone photo tips as I take all my food photos with my phone! Thanks!

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