My current Mobile Phone Food Photography Workflow.

For taking pictures of food in good lighting conditions, I use the following workflow:

  • Take the shot with the native camera app
  • Open the picture in Snapseed to rework
  • Save to Pictures
  • Open new version in Instagam
  • Finish editing and share through Instagram

This way you can get some lovely results in Snapseed, and then use Instagram for sharing across your Social Media channels and a final tweek if needed.

Instagram is great for its photo sharing options, and good for a quick snap. However, often images edited in this app look like quite similar – so I use it sparingly.

I like to have a bit more control over the final image than instagram allows – that said the results can be lovely.

If the lighting conditions are poor, I use Filterstorm to correct the image contrast and colour balance before opening in Snapseed and following the workflow outlined above.

Click here for an earlier post about Filterstorm – and ignore previous posts about PerfectPhoto…!

Next Blog Post will beĀ detailedĀ use of Snapseed…

One Response to "Workflow"

Reassuringly similar to mine! I grabbed snapseed as a freeby a couple of months ago after you recommended it, and it’s been a revelation! I look forward to reading your advice, and will definitely check out filterstorm.

I agree about Instagram’s filters, especially given then adjustability of those in snapseed. I’ve not hooked it up to social networks much, which is most of the point, so maybe I’ll get on that.

Thanks for the post, keep ‘em coming!

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