Shoot your Lunch, Eat your Dinner

I think that photography is less about cameras, and more about light. Take the shots above, both produced on a restaurant shoot for Tom Aikens. I have shot his food before in the restaurant, so I knew which windows gave the best light for food, and that the morning was the time to shoot it because the light in January after about 3pm is a bit rubbish. One image is produced with an IPhone 3GS, crap camera that takes forever to work with and costs about £250 off of ebay at the moment. The other is shot with my £5000+ Nikon D3x. The difference is obvious on the files produced, but when tweaked and re-sized the difference is not that great when used in a blog format. So my point is this – if you can get the right lighting conditions to shoot the food, the type of camera you use to shoot for a blog / twitter / social media sharing does not really matter. I implore you to shoot at lunch, not evening meal time. Leave the night time for eating and drinking!

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