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Nothing Like Daylight

When shooting food for a restaurant, I use available light and a reflector whenever possible as it gives a natural look to the food. Food is a natural subject, consisting of elements taken from nature and the veg garden, so (…)

Lighting/Tips for Chefs

Shoot your Lunch, Eat your Dinner

I think that photography is less about cameras, and more about light. Take the shots above, both produced on a restaurant shoot for Tom Aikens. I have shot his food before in the restaurant, so I knew which windows gave (…)


Photography in the Dark

One of the biggest problems with shooting food in a restaurant is the rubbish lighting conditions during dinner – no lovely window light, you are stuck with yellow murky light. I have been trying out a small video light on (…)

Lighting/Shooting/Tips for Chefs

Window Light

If you can shoot your food by a window then you will get a more natural looking result. If you can shoot your food during the day time it makes life a lot easier! If not a video light works (…)