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Nothing Like Daylight

When shooting food for a restaurant, I use available light and a reflector whenever possible as it gives a natural look to the food. Food is a natural subject, consisting of elements taken from nature and the veg garden, so (…)

Lighting/Tips for Chefs

Filterstorm kills Photoshop Express

Filterstorm is a brilliant app for colour correction. Its a bit like a mobile version of Photoshop, and is great for colour correction on the move. ¬†Its available on IPhone and it rocks on an IPad.¬†Would not worry about the (…)

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Use Anything as a Tripod pt2

I always get the best covers or cases for my tech to keep them safe. We have two small boys, who love to pick up our gadgets and pass them back to us covered in yoghurt, so I like to (…)

Shooting/Tips for Chefs

Colour Correction

Chefs! Would you like to sort out the colour of your picture taken in the kitchen? All you need to do is open you picture in an app like PerfectPhoto, and have a tinker with the colour balance setting. If (…)

Colour Correction/Mobile Phone Apps/Post Processing/Tips for Chefs

Magnetic Lens

Here is the little lens I found in the dusty corner of a Spanish camera shop – I paid a fraction of the crazy price the friendly sales person first suggested. It is proving to be useful – I was (…)

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Photography in the Dark

One of the biggest problems with shooting food in a restaurant is the rubbish lighting conditions during dinner – no lovely window light, you are stuck with yellow murky light. I have been trying out a small video light on (…)

Lighting/Shooting/Tips for Chefs