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This is a great app that will allow you to control your focal point, separately adjust and correct your exposure, and easily lock in your white balance in a few quick moves. ProCamera is now my favourite app for shooting (…)

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My current Mobile Phone Food Photography Workflow. For taking pictures of food in good lighting conditions, I use the following workflow: Take the shot with the native camera app Open the picture in Snapseed to rework Save to Pictures Open (…)

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Filterstorm kills Photoshop Express

Filterstorm is a brilliant app for colour correction. Its a bit like a mobile version of Photoshop, and is great for colour correction on the move. ¬†Its available on IPhone and it rocks on an IPad.¬†Would not worry about the (…)

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Colour Correction

Chefs! Would you like to sort out the colour of your picture taken in the kitchen? All you need to do is open you picture in an app like PerfectPhoto, and have a tinker with the colour balance setting. If (…)

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