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This is a great app that will allow you to control your focal point, separately adjust and correct your exposure, and easily lock in your white balance in a few quick moves. ProCamera is now my favourite app for shooting (…)

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Shoot your Lunch, Eat your Dinner

I think that photography is less about cameras, and more about light. Take the shots above, both produced on a restaurant shoot for Tom Aikens. I have shot his food before in the restaurant, so I knew which windows gave (…)


Magnetic Lens

Here is the little lens I found in the dusty corner of a Spanish camera shop – I paid a fraction of the crazy price the friendly sales person first suggested. It is proving to be useful – I was (…)

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Use Anything as a Tripod

My tripod is indispensable. So when it comes to shooting with a mobile I look for anything I can rest my phone on.  A mini tripod, a wine glass, my fist, anything to keep things steady.


Play With Your Food

I think it is important to play with your food before your shoot it – sometimes (if your lucky!) a stylist or chef does this for you – for everyday blogging it is up to you to turn the best (…)