FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY (with a mobile phone)


Snapseed is my first port of call when it comes to image adjustment on an iPhone. It has one of the best tools I have found on a mobile to date – the Drama tool. There are plenty of apps (…)

Mobile Phone Apps/Post Processing


This is a great app that will allow you to control your focal point, separately adjust and correct your exposure, and easily lock in your white balance in a few quick moves. ProCamera is now my favourite app for shooting (…)

Colour Correction/Composition/Mobile Phone Apps/Shooting


My current Mobile Phone Food Photography Workflow. For taking pictures of food in good lighting conditions, I use the following workflow: Take the shot with the native camera app Open the picture in Snapseed to rework Save to Pictures Open (…)

Colour Correction/Mobile Phone Apps/Post Processing

Nothing Like Daylight

When shooting food for a restaurant, I use available light and a reflector whenever possible as it gives a natural look to the food. Food is a natural subject, consisting of elements taken from nature and the veg garden, so (…)

Lighting/Tips for Chefs

What App?

Instagram and Hipstamatic are two great apps for giving a retro look, but I think that when used too much you end up with a bunch of images that can all look quite similar. I think it is important to use (…)

Mobile Phone Apps

Tom Aikens Event

I have been working with Great British Chefs since they began producing wonderful iPad apps, and was happy to be asked by them to present an evening about mobile phone food photography at Tom Aikens restaurant Toms Kitchen in London. The evening was (…)


Filterstorm kills Photoshop Express

Filterstorm is a brilliant app for colour correction. Its a bit like a mobile version of Photoshop, and is great for colour correction on the move.  Its available on IPhone and it rocks on an IPad. Would not worry about the (…)

Colour Correction/Mobile Phone Apps/Post Processing/Tips for Chefs

Perfect Photo App

Perfect Photo is a really easy to use app that helps to correct colour of a photo taken in poor lighting conditions. Open your picture in PerfectPhoto, then select the palate and brush icon from the top for the Tool menu. From the tools (…)


Use Anything as a Tripod pt2

I always get the best covers or cases for my tech to keep them safe. We have two small boys, who love to pick up our gadgets and pass them back to us covered in yoghurt, so I like to (…)

Shooting/Tips for Chefs

Colour Correction

Chefs! Would you like to sort out the colour of your picture taken in the kitchen? All you need to do is open you picture in an app like PerfectPhoto, and have a tinker with the colour balance setting. If (…)

Colour Correction/Mobile Phone Apps/Post Processing/Tips for Chefs

Shoot like there is no tomorrow!

The days of taking a couple of pictures are behind us – unless you like to shoot on film and you are watching your pennies. I love shooting on film, especially xp2 by Ilford, or EPP by Kodak, cross processed. (…)


Shoot your Lunch, Eat your Dinner

I think that photography is less about cameras, and more about light. Take the shots above, both produced on a restaurant shoot for Tom Aikens. I have shot his food before in the restaurant, so I knew which windows gave (…)


Magnetic Lens

Here is the little lens I found in the dusty corner of a Spanish camera shop – I paid a fraction of the crazy price the friendly sales person first suggested. It is proving to be useful – I was (…)

Composition/Shooting/Tips for Chefs

A Small Video Light is Quite Bright

A small battery powered video camera light can be really useful when shooting food if you cant use available light. Move the light to the side or behind the dish to bring out the texture of the food. its a (…)


Photography in the Dark

One of the biggest problems with shooting food in a restaurant is the rubbish lighting conditions during dinner – no lovely window light, you are stuck with yellow murky light. I have been trying out a small video light on (…)

Lighting/Shooting/Tips for Chefs

Use Anything as a Tripod

My tripod is indispensable. So when it comes to shooting with a mobile I look for anything I can rest my phone on.  A mini tripod, a wine glass, my fist, anything to keep things steady.


Window Light

If you can shoot your food by a window then you will get a more natural looking result. If you can shoot your food during the day time it makes life a lot easier! If not a video light works (…)


Play With Your Food

I think it is important to play with your food before your shoot it – sometimes (if your lucky!) a stylist or chef does this for you – for everyday blogging it is up to you to turn the best (…)